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Here’s What We Provide

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Residential Care 

We are a multidisciplinary secular social purpose organisation motivated and inspired to provide a safe place for children and young people subject to statutory child protection orders placed in non-family-based care. We specialise in trauma-informed practice frameworks and provides the Trauma Recovery Model in our programs. We uphold the child protection placement principles in all our non-family-based care programs by incorporating culturally appropriate and therapeutic connections for children and young people and employing a highly skilled therapeutic workforce.   

Outreach Support

We provide outreach services to children, young people, families, and the wider community to support children and young people to achieve transition goals, remain within the family home or family-based placements. We strive to build the skills and capacity of all the individuals we support through creating opportunities to power brighter futures. We acknowledge that not every young person is able to maintain a stable placement within a residential setting; as such, these young people are significantly more vulnerable and at risk of falling through systematic gaps.  


We deliver supports and services to people with a disability to live a life of equal opportunity. We can assist individuals to pursue and achieve both personal and NDIS goals. This may include development of skills, increasing independence, access to education, or gaining employment. Under the NDIS, we can assist with daily living tasks, transport, and assistance with accessing the community. Through focusing on strengths and abilities, we can support participants to improve health and wellbeing as well as contributing to a well-rounded lifestyle while acknowledging the importance of choice and independence. 

Home schooling
Family Walking
Reviewing Reports at Desk
Transition to Adulthood

We work alongside young people in care to support their transition to adulthood. Through Transition to Adulthood meetings, we can work collaboratively with the care team to identify the areas requiring support and tailor strategies for our young people to thrive in independence. We can offer support to develop essential skills, obtain resources, and achieve milestones. We can achieve this by assisting with planning, connecting the young person to organisations, and ensuring that they have everything they need in preparation to live independently as an adult. 

Supervised Family Contact

We provide supervised family contact/connection for children and young people across Australia. It is our intention to reach remote and rural communities to maintain culture, connections, and access to children and young people’s communities. We offer supervised family contact/connection in many different environments to suit the need of the child, young person, or family. This may include but is not limited to: 

  • Secure office locations  

  • Parks 

  • Kids play venues  

  • Family homes  

  • Beach  

  • Local PCYC  

  • Local pool  

  • Family-friendly restaurants  


We partner with our industry colleagues to undertake assessments that assist with meeting the placement needs of children and young people under the care of the Chief Executive. We specialise in developing training and support plans that assist parents, care teams, and foster careers with the effective implementation of trauma-informed strategies and practices. 

 This may include but not limited to:

  • Foster Care Assessments 

  • Behavioral Assessments 

  • Cultural Assessments 

  • Training Assessments 

  • Transitional Assessments 

  • Family Contact Assessments

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